Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dare I Say? A Break from Project Life

Okay so it's not what it sounds like (Got'cha)...

Ever since I started project life, I haven't been working on layouts as much as I used to and I started to miss it. There is an awesome beauty and simplicity in documenting the Project Life way and I will never stop doing that, but there's something about the creative process of a 12x12 layout (or 8x10, or 6x8...whatever floats your boat) that really inspires me and gets those creative juices flowing again! It's a gateway craft! (Haha)

Another thing that inspires me BIG TIME, is the Design On Time Challenges on Amy Tangerine's YouTube channel. If you want do something different from what you've been doing on your layouts, these videos are super fun and provide so many ideas and so much inspiration! You can check out the latest episode here.

I had quite a few photos from Easter, but these were the ones I wanted to highlight. I put the rest of the photos into my Project Life pockets and put this layout in an insert right next to them.

This is just a random photo of my daughter that I really love. The Black and White photo stands out among all of the color.

These layouts were made with Amy Tangerine's Plus One Collection, her newest collection, Rise & Shine.  I can't get enough of these collections! 

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