Tuesday, February 10, 2015


I absolutely LOVE today's valentine card. I used Echo Park's Capture Life Collection, by Allison Kreft. It had tons of view finder paper and stickers, so I had to have it. The color palette is so pretty too!
* I apologize ahead of time if the photos aren't the clearest. I don't have access to iPhoto on my Mac at the moment, so I'm resorting to blogging from my iPhone (Blogger app). The photos don't come across as crisp at all when uploaded this way. Booooooo. But you can also see this if you follow my Instagram account.

A few years ago, I bought Keilani a view finder for Christmas, from Image 3D. Check them out HERE. You can create your own reels for it, using your own photos. SO AWESOME. I've made her a few reels for her collection like 'Our Disney Day', (a few photos of us from her first time at Disneyland when she was a toddler), '2012 Was Cool', which had milestones and the the coolest things that happened that year, like meeting Abby Wambach and going on our first family vacation to Universal Studios Orlando. It's the gift that keeps on giving, reel after reel of memories.

Knowing that I wanted a reel to be one of her valentines, I ordered one ahead of time. This reel is from our vacation in Maui. You can only pick 8 photos to be featured on your reel, seven that you can click through and one that will be the center for the "Title picture." Here's what the reel looks like:

I love how it turned out and when Keilani looked at it this morning, before school, she had the biggest smile on her face. She really loved it.

Check out my Instagram (almostmaybeline) for my post, where you can look through the view finder with me. Click. Click. Click...

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