Tuesday, January 27, 2015


While getting things together and ready for February, I took some time to at least start my PL for 2015. It's only a little start, but at least I got it going. Just thought I'd share the little that I have so far.

Here's the Cover page:

I usually add a family photo in there somewhere, but so far we haven't taken one that's worthy of the cover page. Actually...we haven't take one at all since Christmas.

Those currently cards will be filled out by my husband, daughter and me. The cards shown here (ex were also parts of

 Documented our Jan 1st because I was so happy that we actually got to relax. In our pajamas. All day. Hell yeah.

I'll show my pages as I go along, but expect more from February. It's already approaching; and fast! Can you believe it? 

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