Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Way To Store Those Valentines

I knew I had a plan in mind when I made most of my daughter's valentines 3x4; I just didn't know what it was yet. Every year, after she enjoys receiving all of her valentines, they end up in a little drawer, where she keeps all of the valentines I have given her since I started this tradition. During the year, so this year, I wanted to store them in a way that could be incorporated in our Project Life album and make it easier to look at. There were a few "interactive" valentines that wouldn't fit into the pockets; for those, I just took photos of them added them to our album.

I went through my stash of page protectors and decided to use a DESIGN F Project Life Page Protector. There just enough 3x4 pockets for the valentines.

Here's the front: I used a 4x6 title card from the Project Life Love themed set. I just added some wood veneer accents and a extra "love mail" card I found in my scraps.

The valentines were both double-sided and single-sided, which made for a weird look on the back. I left the double-sided valentines alone so we would have to take the them out of the pockets to read the messages. For the single-sided ones, I just chose 3x4 filler cards from the Love themed card set to cover the backs. The 4x6 card here is from the same set and I just added embellishments. 

I Love the way it turned out and I think from now on, I'll do something similar to this. 

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