Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Gift of 2013, Documented

I love documenting life through photos. Freezing those fleeting moments with my camera for my Project Life album and transforming a few that stand out into traditional layouts . Keeping memories alive in vivid color to make the memory so much stronger when it comes to mind while you take a trip down Memory Lane. A lot of times, I find myself wishing EVERY SINGLE ONE of my friends and family did the same. In a perfect world, right?  

First, let me brief you on my dearest friend. She is a SUPER busy, amazing mom who works, three out of four of her children play sports (soon to be four out of four), and she would tell you she isn't the crafty type and wants to start Project Life, but never gets the chance. She doesn't take tons of photos or post a lot, but it's enough for me to get some memorable moments and important events in an album for her. For her January birthday in 2012, I gave her a 12x12 three ring album containing a few layouts (I made one for each child.) and some Project Life pages with photos and filler cards already in them, along with journaling cards for her thoughts (although I'm almost sure she never wrote on them!) It was only the few photos that I took with my phone or camera, when our families spent time together. It wasn't that many pages; surely not enough to fill even half of her album. I did have a plan in mind though. Since her birthday is in January, I thought this would be the perfect time to give her the gift of 2013, DOCUMENTED. 

I set my plan in action:
  • I took almost every photo from my iPhoto and all of her social media 
  • Saved them to my computer/iPhone
  • Cropped them to the sizes I needed
  • Printed them out
  • Dated them on the back for easy organization when putting them in pages, in order by date (Instgram was a challenge! The date isn't there; only how many weeks ago the photo was posted.)
  • For all the photos I got off of her social media, I journaled the caption that she posted with that photo on the 3x4 journaling cards. For others, I wrote in the basic who, what, when, where, and why. So in a way, most of her journaling is done. 
  • She can now add 2013 to the album I gave her in 2012.
SHE LOVED IT. That made the whole process of putting it together worthwhile. My super favorite thing? When she said, "Awww, I get the best presents." I would hate to see my friend cry for anything other reason, but these happy tears = success! 

*On another note, (and photo of course) This pizza place, Graziano's, has always been our spot to chat and let the kids have fun on their own. Our daughters play the games and collect tickets, but they NEVER redeem them for the prizes. They wanted to save them to get the "coolest" prizes. 2 years and 6,108 tickets later, they finally got them. Not too shabby, I must say. Look at those "ORB" Balls. One of the girls said, "It's this thing, that when you shake it, it tells you the truth." Well in that case, let me ask it a few million questions! Oh, how the girls make us laugh. Have we never showed them an 8 Ball? Shame on us! 

2014 Memories in the making!

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