Saturday, November 2, 2013


It has become a tradition to celebrate Halloween with our close friends. My duty is dessert and drinks. I made the same dessert I make every year. My Ghosts in the Graveyard Dessert (THANK YOU, PINTEREST!) I can't bring myself to try making anything new because the kids get so excited when they see it! I decorated it a little differently this time around. No ghosts, but lots of chocolate bones sticking out of the "dirt".  I didn't have black icing for the tombstones, but the kids didn't seem to notice (only I cared that I had to use blue!) This year, I got a "YES! You made it again!" from one of this kids. That made my heart smile. After dinner, we trick-or-treat (and walk off our dinner). When the kids have hit every street in the neighborhood, we head back to headquarters, where some serious negotiations and candy trading take place while we all eat our dessert (Can we say sugar over load?)

This year, my daughter and her friends decided to be The Avengers. I LOVED THE IDEA. Out of all the years they've spent Halloween together, they have never worn costumes with a common theme. AND Imagine my excitement when I found an app that can put our superheros into comic mode. It's called Halftone. I also used PicFrame to put them all in a collage (Notice it looks like the Project Life Design A Page layout), which I will probably order in a 12x12 from Persnickety Prints. Their photos turn out great, they've never disappointed, and they have speedy delivery! 

It makes me kind of sad to think that this may be the last year my daughter wants to trick-or-treat. Next year will be her last pre-teen year, so I'm hoping I can get one more year out of her. If not, well, then at least we went out with a BLAM!

Happy Halloween and welcome, November!

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