Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weeks....Oh, Did I lose track?

Forgive me for going MIA since June.  No excuses. Let's just catch up, with a promise from me that I will be more faithful to my blog...

I'll start by sharing the most memorable moments from July to the current (Oh, boy.)

I turned 33 in July. I spent the day with my best friend and our girls in total relaxation. Since Joey had to work, we met up later that night for dinner.

 I also went to not one, but TWO New Kids On The Block concerts with my cousins, who were equally obsessed with them since we were little. I must say, they still have it. You know...the right stuff (pun intended).

 My wedding layouts were featured on a craft show in the UK. As I watched the show, I squealed when my pages showed up and told my husband and my daughter that I could listen to British accents all day long.

My daughter was injured during one of her soccer tournaments. She is out for the year to heal. Big, huge, bummer for the Barba family. She was devastated, but we explained to her that it could have been worse and she is still very blessed. The adjustment is bittersweet.

Here's an upside: August found us available for more quality time with family. She enjoyed her first hand at Pottery. Keilani also Started the 6th Grade, which is considered Junior High at her school. She had to start the year off with crutches, which she found frustrating at times, but handled it like a trooper!

In September, I was hired on the spot as a Scrap booking Instructor for my local Michael's! So excited. I can't wait to have Project Life Classes! Everyone needs Project Life in their life!

We said goodbye to our old car, A.k.a. "Green Hoopty" that we've had for years. It finally gave out for good. A brand new car has taken its place and we can exhale because we have a new, safe, and reliable vehicle!  (As you can tell, my mother was relieved also!)

And here we are, in October. My family participated in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in honor of my Auntie Ciony, who passed away in last year, in September. I made pins for all of us to wear.

We also visited the Getty Villa in Malibu. Besides the exhibits and activities in the Family Forum, the scenery alone was beautiful. The trip is recommended.

So that's a gist of what has happened since I turned 33.

Do I feel older? No.


I believe we are all caught up. Now to KEEP UP.

I will.

Happy Fall!

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