Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WEEK 20 & 21

May and June have been so busy! Volunteering at the school End-of-the-year festivities take up my days, soccer practice takes up our evenings (now 4-5 days a week with tournaments on the weekends), and now summer is upon us. Will it calm down? Nope. But what can I say? We're blessed to even be present, enjoying every moment.

Layout time! This week, I used the Jade Edition.

Week 20: Packed with end-of-year festivities, choir performances, soccer and family time. 

Week 21: Last glimpse of a typical 5th Grade morning, dropping my little girl off at school. I doubt I'll get the sweet goodbye wave when I drop her off in Junior High. Celebrated my Mother-in-law's 60th birthday with a surprise party. Best part of the week? My nephew, Isaiah was born. What a blessing!

I have a different album for Keilani's school years and I wanted her to document some things she can remember when she looks at back it. I wrote prompts at the top of Project Life 4x6 Grid cards and let her have at it, journaling any way she wants to. I'm pretty giddy with what she gave back to me to place into the album. Two of the 3x4 prompt cards are from the Project Life Childhood Mini Kit (sports and this is what a weekend typically looks like). The other ones are from K & Company Smash pads. She was so excited when I let her use my Amy Tangerine Slick Writers. She loves those bright colors!

A layout from her Childhood/School Years album. 5th Grade Olympics. I thought the occasion called for these cute Olympic-themed printables I found on Pinterest. This photo doesn't show my journaling "5th Grade Olympics" title on the title card (took this photo before I got those completed).

Speaking of her love of bright colors, she was on a mission to find some! Here's a shot of her excitement in finding the Neon Sharpies she was searching for to add to her collection. She is all about art journaling. I love it! 

Here are some pages from her art journal. 

Found a way to store my Washi Tape. This seriously works well for me. I tried storing it in one of my pretty jars. Looked great, but I always had to dump everything out in order to get to what I wanted and not every roll was visible. Same thing with cute little bins and other things I tried. Becky Higgins Organizational Trays work perfectly! It's not in perfect rows or color coordinated, but I can place it anywhere in my craft cart and I can search and grab with ease without dumping them all over my craft table just to get to the one I need. If you don't already have them from you Core Kits, Amazon sells the trays individually.

 I also have grown pretty tired of searching from pretty bowls of wood veneer, where my wood veneers were all mixed together. Plus, the bowls didn't fit well in my craft cart anymore. My solution? I purchased a sowing thread box and organized them like you see below. Sigh....organizational Bliss.