Thursday, March 21, 2013

Project Life Debuts on HSN!

I hope you marked your calendars because this is a pretty BIG DEAL. Project Life will be appearing on HSN all throughout the day on Monday, March 25th. They are introducing Core Kits and bundling them up with coordinating goodies at an awesome low price. This is the perfect opportunity for everyone to hop on the Project Life train and grab one for yourself, one for a friend, and {heck, why not!?} another one for yourself! Check it all out in detail on Becky Higgins' Blog Be sure to tune in because another edition will be introduced also. If you're on the fence about starting a Project Life of your own, Monday would be the perfect time to decide. I know you all have pictures, sitting around waiting, to be shown off the way they deserve to be displayed.

I was given such a fun opportunity to create sample pages using the JADE EDITION (shown above) to be featured on HSN! I took a trip down memory lane and used photos from my childhood as well as photos from every day life. This kit is so versatile! Here's a peek sans journaling so you can see how beautiful all of the cards look together in plenty of different color combinations:

While title cards are most commonly used to label the the week you are in currently, I used it as more of a "time period" title card, like I did for my "The Toddler Years" layout {below, which I labeled later.} You want your childhood memories to be displayed beautifully even though most of the pictures from back then (wow, did I just say "back then"?) are not very good quality. I was able to do that with Project Life. All of the paper (Title cards, journaling/filler cards) just added that simple, yet beautiful pop that old pictures need without any heavy embellishing taking focus away from the precious photos. I had so much fun journaling about the specific things I remembered from these photos and jotting down the stories I remember my mother telling me about some photos as well.  

Using the Jade Edition to document Everyday Life was great because of the color palette! I was able to mix and match the title/journaling/filler cards and my layouts looked like they belonged to the same album, while every page still looked different. It gave a lot of variety to my layouts. I did a little embellishing with the every day life photos to show the versatility of the Jade Edition. The possibilities really are endless!

Project Life is like a great pair of jeans. You can dress it up {with lots of embellishing} or dress it down {using only the cards in the kit}, and either way it ends up looking beautiful! I myself love embellishing here and there, but the simplicity of slipping in my photos and journaling is what I gravitate toward the most because it's quick, simple, clean, not cluttered, and beautiful! I leave the more detailed embellishing for when I do my 12x12 layouts. 

And that's all folks! Tune in on March 25th to see all the goodness Project Life has to offer and you'll also see all the beautiful layouts from other members on my creative team. My goodness, these ladies are talented. 


  1. What a treasure you are creating, Lorimay! It's amazing how Jade works for boy pages just as well as it does for little girl pages. Your comparison of PL to a pair of jeans is spot on! =)

    1. Thanks, Donna! I agree. It's clear that Project Life is great when it comes to versatility, versatility, versatility! I'm glad I'm not the only one who can see where I'm coming from with the jeans comparison! :)

  2. These are stunning--LOVE! You have convinced me that I need to get the Jade edition as well:) -Heather Johnson