Friday, February 1, 2013

Our Valentine Tradition

I can't believe it's already February! Time really does fly. Speaking of that, my daughter was born on Valentine's Day. In our family, Valentine's Day is completely centered around our little Valentine. As it should be! 

In 2011, I started a Tradition for my daughter. I would give her a Valentine every day until her birthday, February 14th. I'm so glad I started this. Every year, she looks forward to getting a Valentine at her bedroom door each morning. 

Her Valentines are both store bought and handmade. I only buy them if there is a card that I know she'd absolutely love! The handmade ones are really nothing fancy at all; VERY simple, but get my message across. Sometimes they're funny and sometimes they're more on the mushy side, but ALL of them are sentimental; something she will always have to look back on years from now and remember me by.


Since she's all about mustaches and unicorns lately, I figured I'd just made a simple mustache Valentine card for her.

Happy February everyone...For you, it may not be a birthday, but I think any one can start this tradition to make your little one feel special. I plan on doing this until she isn't my baby anymore....But wait. SHE'LL ALWAYS BE MY BABY. 

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