Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Week 3: Project Reality Check!

Before I share the reality check I had this past weekend, here's my Project Life layout for week 3. We had our normal busy week, with my best friend's birthday celebration and a flu shot added to the mix. I printed out cards since I haven't gotten my Core Kit in yet. This kit is the Project Life Seafoam Core Kit. I love the color scheme of this whole collection. 

Okay, this is something I learned this weekend: 

Club Sports parents, you probably can relate to this insight. This week, we had a normal schedule. School, homework, choir, soccer training, celebrating my best friend's birthday...Then the weekend came upon us; one of our daughter's many Club Soccer tournaments. She's on a great team and they are all a talented group of players. This weekend, the team was just off their game. They didn't play as well as they usually do. I suppose that may happen from time to time. I mean, we have had other games where they didn't play their best, but this weekend was just a whole new level. You could feel the tension and stress among the parents on the sidelines, the Dads not being able to sit down, gathered by a tree further away to share the suspense with one another. All of us thinking: What in the world is going on? What will motivate them? Our children can feel our vibe, feed off of it and bring it onto the field. What can happen from that? The game is no longer fun for them. Healthy competition becomes too much pressure. 

With that being said, here is what I realized I need to remember (I, along with my husband and the rest of the parents on our team)! They are 10 & 11 years old. They are still in the process of learning and growing and mastering skill & technique. Consistency comes with experience. We as parents need to remember to sit back and enjoy- I mean REALLY ENJOY watching our children play the game. They are blessed to be able to do what they love. Play soccer. It's the Coach's job to coach. It's his job to give constructive criticism and development. What is our job? Support. Encouragement. Positivity. Sit on the sidelines and be their biggest fans, win or lose. Always. We are more worried about wins, loses and what people think than our girls are. Of course they care about winning and how well they play, but most of all they just want to PLAY the game. The fun of it and the support from us is what inspires them to care about all that in the first place. To start off with, they had to try out for their team. Out of hundreds of girls that tried out with only a few being accepted, they made it. That says something about their skill and talent. Trust that fact, as you watch them grow and improve. Ease up! It's not the World Cup!

Reality check...All up in yo' face! I mean look at us, watching her. I'm glad I got this shot of us as I looked around and realized how ridiculous we were all being. You know that heated saying, "If you could only hear/see yourself right now..." Well, here's a glimpse of us and I say we should look a little less tense and a lot more relaxed while watching our daughter and her team play on that field. Shame on us! Every sport parent is guilty of this at one time or another (or two or three...) but let's try to keep things in perspective for 2013, okay? 

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