Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Keeping Up With Project Life, My Way.

Everyone has their own way of keeping track of Project Life on a weekly basis so they don't lose track of what happened on which day. Thank goodness for my MAC. It's Chronologically lovely in every way. 

My iPhoto library automatically keeps my photos organized by "Events" and date when I upload them onto my computer. Once I have documented my month in Project Life, I just drag each date (from the current month) into one "Event." When January is done, I will drag every day into January 1st to make an "Event" renamed 'January 2013'. That way, I won't have an album for every day of 2013; Just an album for every month.

As for planning my layouts; I've seen some cool printable templates out there that I want to use, but I am kind of greedy when it comes to my ink. I like to save every bit of it toward printing my Instagram & 3x4 Project Life photos. So I pretty much draw up my own Design A on the plethora of scratch paper I have from memo's and announcements my daughter brings home from school. The drawings are not to scale and it's a rather sloppy drawing, but it gets the job done. They'll be thrown in the recycle bin afterward anyway. 

I also "Power Journal" on my iPhone. In my Notes, I type in the date and quickly jot down what tid bits I want to include in my layouts, comments my daughter says that I want to remember, or things I don't want to forget to write about in my journaling.

This little system worked out pretty well since I started Project Life, so I'll stick with this for now. How do you keep up with your Project Life? 

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