Monday, December 17, 2012


I suppose it’s about time I finally started a blog. I’m big on journaling, but I never complete a full Pen + paper journal; However, I do LOVE to take photographs and document them in layouts and Project Life. My daughter calls me "The Mamarazzi". I must say, I take that as a compliment, thank you very much! I love to write down the stories behind those photos because once the moment passes and we go through inevitable changes in life, those moments I captured with my camera remain unchanged. So with the start of 2013 sneaking up on us, let’s document. 
The Adventures of Almost Maybeline…There is a story behind that, you know. My mother, a naive young woman, obviously thought the name of this American brand of make-up was glamorous. NOT. MAYBELINE LOREAL…You're laughing, but this isn’t a joke. She was going to name me Maybeline Loreal. Thank goodness she went with a name that had some sentiment. Lorimay; Lori, after my grandfather, Lorenzo, and May, for the month my parents were married.
My family consists of my husband and our amazing daughter, who has turned us into an on-the-go soccer family. We also have huge extended families, which makes for an even more beautiful variation of chaos, especially during the holidays. We attend training sessions, soccer games, award ceremonies, choir performances, family events and outings with friends...all with a camera in my hand. 
As for THE ADVENTURES part. Every day is an adventure in the journey of life; so many things to do to cultivate a good life, goals to accomplish, dreams to realize...but the journey is the fun part. It makes the destination all the more meaningful. I’ll keep you posted. Afterall, that’s what blogs are for, right?


  1. Welcome to blogging and the PL2013 team, Lorimay! :) Nice to meet you. I've just recently (as in with the announcement) reinstated my blog after being away from it for a few years. One more new adventure for 2013!Looking forward to seeing how yours develops over the next year!

  2. Congrats to you & to your new blog! We are also a soccer family... to the core! We have 4 girls & 3 at home play club ball. Be prepared! Soccer honestly 24-7! Now our girl is in high school, that makes for more games per week! I love to watch my girls play though! I'm also doing PL for 2013. I feel so behind already! I cannot believe Jan is almost over! Happy 2013!

    1. Oh, I'm feeling it already. She's only got 3 years of Club under her belt and she is our only child. So more power to your family and all the other parents in the world who do it with more than one child! I agree, though...we love to watch her do something she enjoys doing. Plus, it makes our PL layouts all the more exciting, don't you think? Oh, and...I guess I'll need to brace myself for more games per week! Aaaaahhhhh! ;)