Thursday, April 3, 2014

Project Life: Update on the new Process

In a post from January, I listed a few ways I'd be doing Project Life this year. I've got some mixed feelings about it so far. Here's why:

  • For example, when I share layouts on social media, I can write, "Week 5." I'm just here, like "Sometimes in March..." (I don't know why that bothers me a little bit.) 
  • I am only in March and my album is almost full! (I am usually able to split the year down the middle, starting the second album in June.) I'm not quite sure if that's because more is happening this year than the past years, or if I'm just not worrying about fitting the whole week into a 2-page layout. 
  • For some reason, I'm adding more than I usually do to my layouts. and I like it. I'm missing the absence of color or "pop" in my layout because I'm not adding in my Week title card. The up side to that is I find myself getting more creative with the photo sizes I'm printing out, so that I can add more color and embellishments to most of the pockets. 
  • I take loads of photos, but I am only putting in ones I'm truly passionate about. I'm not putting them in my album to just be able to say I took a picture for that day. I like that....yet, my album is almost full in March! The reason why is probably right in my face, but it's still a mystery to me!
  • Not EVERY photo needs a play by play in my journaling of what we did that day. Sometimes, a quote or a simple sentence sums it up. Or nothing at all. Just the picture. 
  • I'm not creating as many layouts because I'm always doing Project Life. I need to start that again. I have a few photos I've left out of my Project Life album specifically for layouts. So I need to get those done. 
So am I liking the omission of weekly title cards? Yes and No. But I know myself; Since I've started that way, I will commit to finishing the year that way. We'll see what I can and can't do without by the end of the year, when it's time to start 2015...Wow. That's seems so far away as I type, yet It's already April. Time zooms right by, doesn't it?

Here are my "Sometime in March" layouts:

All but one of these cards are from Studio Calico Project Life Kits. The black and white striped card is from the Project Life Midnight Edition.

Divergent needed a page all its own; However, as I am writing this post, I realized that I messed up my journaling on the movie review card. Allegiant is the last book; I should have written Insurgent instead. Oh well! I can fix it (or not). The right side is a mix of Studio Calico's March Office Hours Project Life kit, February's Sugar Rush kit, and the "Today" card is from Project Life Kiwi Edition. 

More of the Office Hours kit in this layout also. I had fun with he transparent 3x4 cards in the kit. The "captured" card was made by adhering sequence onto it, slipping it into the pocket, and adhering "captured" and the cork circle outside of the pocket.

Here's an example of how I am using the title cards (since I am not using Week title cards.) I used one of the title cards to label Spring Break. This layout was made using the Project Life Kiwi Edition, along with some embellishments. Love the cards in this kit!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Keilani's Birthday Party

Just sharing the layouts I created. I couldn't resist getting right to documenting her birthday party. Her Actual birthDAY at Disneyland is next on my list.

That Me & My Big Ideas Mambi frame...LOVE! I put a photo that I took Keilani and her two best friends at her Photo Booth we set up.The girls had a blast with that and they each got to take two Instax photos home with them.

I used Rhonna Farrer's Creative app when I made her birthday invitation. It was so easy to do and I had a lot of fun with it and turned out perfect. AND INEXPENSIVE!

so excited that I got to incorporate some of Studio Calico's Sugar Rush pieces into her birhtday layouts. the 'Spin' card on the right page was perfect for the teacup ride. I just added a little more to the card.

Thought this card (also from the Sugar Rush Kit) was perfect, since they were running wild during laser tag. I added some touches to this 'Wild Thing' card with water colors, a rub on heart I found in my stash, and stickers from my studio Calico kits. Lovin' the Amy Tangerine Vellum Letter Stickers that also came in the Sugar Rush Kit.

I used the Happy Birthday banner that I put on her donut cake as an embellishment on that bottom photo, where the girls are on the bumper boats. I have yet to figure out where I'm going to place the banner that partnered the banner.  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Way To Store Those Valentines

I knew I had a plan in mind when I made most of my daughter's valentines 3x4; I just didn't know what it was yet. Every year, after she enjoys receiving all of her valentines, they end up in a little drawer, where she keeps all of the valentines I have given her since I started this tradition. During the year, so this year, I wanted to store them in a way that could be incorporated in our Project Life album and make it easier to look at. There were a few "interactive" valentines that wouldn't fit into the pockets; for those, I just took photos of them added them to our album.

I went through my stash of page protectors and decided to use a DESIGN F Project Life Page Protector. There just enough 3x4 pockets for the valentines.

Here's the front: I used a 4x6 title card from the Project Life Love themed set. I just added some wood veneer accents and a extra "love mail" card I found in my scraps.

The valentines were both double-sided and single-sided, which made for a weird look on the back. I left the double-sided valentines alone so we would have to take the them out of the pockets to read the messages. For the single-sided ones, I just chose 3x4 filler cards from the Love themed card set to cover the backs. The 4x6 card here is from the same set and I just added embellishments. 

I Love the way it turned out and I think from now on, I'll do something similar to this. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

February 12th & 13th Valentines


Paper fortune cookies; so fun to make. Every "cookie" had a special message inside. I used the scraps I had from KI Memories Hot Date Collection from February 2011. Found the valentine themed take out box at Target's Dollar Spot (seriously, what DON'T they have?) and wrote my own messages on little pieces of paper that I cut. 


"Owl always love you." I used a piece of pink paper I found in my scraps, my EK Success stickers hearts once again (those really came in handy.), owl stickers I found at Michael's, some of Amy Tangerine's wood grain printed washi tape, and the 3x4 card is from the Project Life Honey Edition. 

That's all for now! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 8th-11th Valentines

 Only a few days until the 14th. It's going by so quickly. Here are the Valentines for February 8th through the 11th. With the Valentines, I used scraps and left overs that I had in my stash. It was a great way to use the paper and embellishments I just liked too much to toss or give away.


 This library themed valentine was made with left overs from American Crafts card kit I had last year.


The letters are from Simple Stories Letter stickers. The "Specs" sticker is from Basic Grey Oxford Collection. The polka dot sticko hearts are from EK Success.


This card was left over from one of my Studio Calico Project Life kits. All I added was the words, my American Crafts Precision pen, and highlighters. 


The front of the card is from the Project Life Seafoam Edition and the back card is from the Project Life 5th & Frolic Mini Kit edition. I had fun using Amy Tangerine's Inspire Embroidery Stencil Kits. The little sewing machine 3d embellishment is from her Hi Friend sticker set.

Some great homemade valentines can be created with left over scraps and embellishments! Having some cute wording in mind helps in picking out stickers and embellishments you'd never think you'd use on a valentine card. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

February 7th Valentine Mixtape

I made her a mixtape (as we'd say in the 80's)...

This valentine has to be my favorite because it is a playlist of songs for my daughter. Some of the songs are inspirational and motivational, some just have a positive message and vibe; just listening to them puts you in a good mood and makes you feel ready to conquer the day ahead, there's a few that I truly dedicate every word to her (be still my heart), and there is that one song that I used to sing when I rocked her to sleep every night. Whenever I hear it, it takes me back to those exact moments when I held her in my arms.

Okay enough gushing...Here it is: 

I made my own CD cover by cutting down a sheet of 12x12 white card stock into 8.5x12. Then I rummaged through my stash for heart stickers and I found Boombox chipboard sticker (Perfect, right?)

The Playlist. You can listen to it Here.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

February 6th: You've Got Mail


Once again, Thank you, Pinterest, for the great idea! Here's the link if you'd like to make this for the person that makes you happy.